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IPCO looks back in order to move forward

After decades of working in the electrical field, Brian Adkins founded IPCO in 2014 because he believed he could do things a little differently. What did he mean by “differently”? Brian personally holds more traditional values that he uses to lead the team, but he balances these values with an eye toward innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit that keeps the company shifting and adjusting with the current climate of the industry.

Today, Brian’s experiment to do things differently has proven to be successful. IPCO has experienced explosive growth overall and benefits from long-term contracts, long-standing relationships, and opportunities to work on some of the largest projects in the Southeast, all growing the IPCO name and brand substantially.

Now, years later, IPCO has revisited its initial values and reconsidered its mission and purpose to ensure continued success for years to come.

Today, IPCO proudly states its mission is to provide electrical support for industrial and manufacturing facilities through design-bid-build services and electrical maintenance.

IPCO’s purpose transcends beyond its mission. Ultimately, IPCO exists to create scalable processes while fostering an entrepreneurial spirit.

IPCO wants to set an industry standard for quality, service, stewardship, and safety. Each of these are extremely important to Brian and his team and have been deeply infused into IPCO’s overall purpose for existence.

IPCO has also reconfirmed and elaborated upon its core values, which serve as the foundational pillars of IPCO.

Core values:

  1. Initiative: Forward motion equals momentum equals forward thinking.
  2. Innovation: Limits are a state of mind.
  3. Responsibility: Good? Bad? Ugly? Own it!
  4. Community: Where two or more gather, there is strength.

Why does any of this matter? Because a crucial component of any growing business is the strength and unity of its staff. A clear business mission, purpose, and stated core values lead in the hiring and retaining of the staff. Keeping values front and center also helps a company to determine partnerships which would be fruitful for all involved.

IPCO is always looking to grow partnerships externally and its team internally. “Internally, we look for tenacity, commitment, grit, and integrity—not perfection” explains Brian.

Open positions include apprenticeships, electrical supervisors, and project managers. IPCO prides itself on striving to invest in its people. Learn more about open positions and expectations for all the IPCO staff on its Careers page.

IPCO is excited about this new era. Refining internal language has helped IPCO become clearer about who they are and who they want to be. Learn more about IPCO at