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We now offer in-house modeling and design services. IPCO can now provide 3D drawings/models, allowing for accurate visualization in project discussions. This allows owners to have a truer understanding of what the end product will be. It also provides engineers or architects more precise understanding when we wish to diverge from the original design. With such detailed drawings, there are less questions and work can get started more quickly.

We can now provide precise electrical/component placement though the use of our Trimble Robotic Total Station (RTS), in relation to the site and/or other project elements. Through the use of our RTS, we can confidently dig and place vital infrastructure, based solely on the survey, thus reducing rework and saving money.

As the technology continues to advance, IPCO can now support 3D model coordination/clash detection. By having an in-house BIM modeler, any modifications can quickly be updated in the model, as well the creation of accurate as-built drawings at project completion. By providing 3D model support within IPCO, coordination is streamlined, saving time and money.

For more information or additional questions related to this service please contact us.